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Think about all those times when you’d have liked to avoid a cold the night before an important event (a birthday, exciting holidays..), a sleepless night, an ugly scar, a nasty stain on a piece of clothing you had an emotional attachment to… Or the money you’d have saved in certain medicines, cleaning products and cosmetics which never kept their promises… And the damaging effects many of those have had in your family’s health and the environment. A natural alternative to all those products in a practical kit that I’ll help you learn to use in less than one month! Millions of families already benefit from Young Living essential oils.

Buying the Starter Kit is so much more than just placing an order! When you buy the Starter Kit through this link:

  1. You get a 24% discount on every order from the very first day.
  2. You become part of a community where you learn the thousand and one uses of essential oils, where you will have unlimited access to training, resources and constant learning. We will never leave you alone!
  3. You get free gifts with your orders, so you never stop learning!
  4. If someone registers with you, you get commissions on their orders.
  5. You have access to Whatsapp consultation groups and Facebook secret groups. Our big oiler family will help you 24h a day, 365 days of the year.
  6. You get the chance to collect points with every monthly order, thanks to Essential Rewards. These points will traduce into free Young Living products!
  7. You only pay half of the original price (170€ + delivery costs) for everything you are taking home. All the products included in the Kit are valued in above 300€ if you purchase them separately.
  8. You kick off your initiation to the world of essential oils in a very complete way, as the 12 oils included in the Kit cover physical health needs as well as emotional and mental.
  9. You get information and exclusive content (recipes, workshops, invitations to events) from my blog.

So you want to know what the Starter Kit includes? Not only an ultrasonic difuser made with surgical plastic (cheap difusers made out of regular plastic do not work with 100% pure essential oils), but also these 12 essential oils:

  • Copaiba – an antiinflammatory and analgesic agent more potent than morphine (scientifically proven)
  • DiGize – for any kind of digestiv problem (flatulence, gastroenteritis, heartburn…)
  • Frankincense – helps with all sorts of skin issues (psoriasis, eccema), antidepressant and anxiolytic
  • Lavender – the Swiss knife of essential oils, has more than 300 known properties, the most commonly known as an insomnia remedy
  • Lemon – antioxidant, cleans stains, strengthens the immune system
  • Peppermint – the best headache remedy, but also incredibly energising and it helps with concentration
  • Orange – relaxing aroma, it awakens feelings of happiness, works very well with children
  • Panaway – this sinergy helps with all kinds of muscular pain
  • Purification – eliminates odours, it kills 98% of airborne bacteria, helps against spots and pimples
  • RC – Respiratory Congestion, it helps the entire respiratory system
  • Stress Away – the name says it all, and it has a delicious scent
  • Thieves – health protector, it supports the immune system by helping avoid sickness and speeds up recovery time

If you still have questions, get in touch! If you don’t want to wait any longer, click here and jump in on this new lifestyle of health and abundance.